There have been many different developments in hearing aid technology over the last fifteen years. From the new forms of cochlear implants to hearing aids that utilize digital devices, this technology has become more reliable and powerful than ever. There is another driving force behind hearing aid technology, though. This comes in the form of cell phones, which have developed alongside hearing aid tech to provide an unrivaled communication experience to all people. This article will look at how cell phone technology has transformed the world of hearing aids.

Cell Phones- A Trip To The Past

The first mobile cell phones were large, clunky devices that focused on increasing communication by drawing power from vehicles and large power source. In order to make them more efficient, the cell phone companies integrated telecoils into the cell phone design. As a result, the cell phones were able to pick up signals much further away than before, but also came with an unexpected benefit. It turned out that telecoils were able to function with hearing aids that were being worn by people with hearing loss in order to provide clearer sounds and better overall call quality. This led to the development of more cell phones which used the technology, giving rise to telecoil and phone ratings to help people with hearing loss find the device that best suits their needs.

Smartphones- A Sign Of The Future

Smartphones were one of the most surprising pieces of technology to emerge in the last ten years, and took the market by storm with their unparalleled abilities. With their mobile apps systems, they provided new means of communication via email and text message. These apps have evolved to help people with hearing loss by providing them with better notifications and the ability to look up information that can benefit them on the go. They also benefit the hearing impaired community by making use of anti-static and anti-interference devices along with telecoils; providing clear calls for people who use hearing devices.

Smartphones come with the additional benefit of being able to help people with their actual hearing aid devices. For example, two major cell phone companies have made phones that are completely compatible with hearing aids. This means that they have the ability to actually control the device while it is still in use. In essence, you can change all of the volume, turn it on and off, and even find the device if you lose it around the house. All of this can be done discreetly and without anyone else in the room knowing. In all of these ways and more, cell phones technology has completely transformed and revolutionized the world of hearing aids