Any time that we look at the ways that hearing loss can impact people, we examine the ways that we can avoid suffering from the same problem. According to a new study, people that take ibuprofen over a long period of time can suffer from hearing loss. To understand the implications of this discovery, we must look at the cause mechanism and then what we can do as far as treatments.

Conclusive Findings

The study which outlined the fact that hearing loss comes as a result of using ibuprofen and acetaminophen took fourteen years to complete. By the end of the study, it was found that one fourth of the sixty thousand patients had suffered from some form of hearing impairment during the study. The details of this study can be found in the outlined American Journal of Advanced Epidemiology, where it speaks about the rationale behind only selecting women to take part in the study.


It remains unknown if the same effects of the medication will apply to men as they have done with women. Right now, it seems as though they will be, though the study still has years until completion. The two main causes of hearing loss are ototoxicity and structural damage to the ear. The ototoxicity is a poisoning of the cochlea caused by too many chemicals being present in the ear, preventing sound receptors from binding at the right sites. The other thing that can happen is that ibuprofen can cause less blood flow to the inner ear, making the structures take damage over time until they are not able to process sound well anymore. Overall, there are two of the ways that hearing loss can occur with ibuprofen, and you should consult a health professional if you think you are having this happen to you.

More Research

Some of the research that is being done right now to help understand medicinal hearing loss is using 150,000 women to see what role their hormones and diets that play in allowing hearing loss to take root. While this research is years from completion, it will provide valuable insights for future generations.

What to Do

While you may be about ready to never take ibuprofen again, it is important to realize that this study offers many alternative medicines that you can take to relieve pain and save your hearing. You can also make an appointment with your doctor to see if there is any damage that you have suffered to your hearing as well as what medicines you should be taking for pain in the meantime. Either way, as long as you are aware of the dangers, you are already one step ahead of the game.