There is an excellent chance that your hearing aid is equipped with Bluetooth technology, especially if you purchased it I the last few years. Bluetooth is most commonly associated with cellular phone applications, but it is also regularly found in TVs, home phones, mp3 players and computers. The Bluetooth technology in your hearing aid allows you to interact with these products in brand new ways, enhancing your listening experience and sound quality.

If your hearing aid is equipped with Bluetooth technology, chances are good it arrived with a tiny external device that allows you to gain access to its functions. Generally these devices–often called controllers–are meant to be kept in a pocket or worn around the owner’s neck. The controller’s role is to receive signals from other Bluetooth-enabled devices and transmit them wirelessly to your hearing aids. This allows you to hear your television, phone, or other Bluetooth-compatible device without having to turn the volume up high. You can also use Bluetooth to listen to telephone conversations in both ears, which makes it even easier to hear.

Your Bluetooth controller will be developed for easy use. Oftentimes all you must do is push a button that is assigned to the device you would like to listen to. If you would like to hear your TV, simply press the television control button once to turn it on, and then press it again when you wish to stop listening. Several manufacturers incorporate other capabilities in these controllers, letting you access many other features through this one device.

Bluetooth enabled hearing aids can be especially useful for senior citizens with mobility problems. Some of the latest models allow the wearer to make telephone calls up to 30 feet away from the phone, providing easy communication without needing to go to the phone. This functionality could be potentially lifesaving in an emergency.

Choosing to buy a hearing aid with Bluetooth functionality allows you to enjoy a crisp, clear listening experience that is hard to achieve through any other means. This mix of high-quality sound and simple-to-use makes Bluetooth a terrific way to strengthen your hearing and enjoy experiences that may have seemed unrealistic.