Considering the price of quality hearing aids, lots of people logically wonder if they need two hearing aids, or if they could manage with only one. For the vast majority of cases, the many benefits of using two hearing aids exceed that added cost, but there are certain situations where this is not the best advice.

Obviously, if you have hearing loss in a single ear but your hearing in the other ear is normal, you don’t need two hearing aids. Also, if you have completely lost your hearing in one ear, and are experiencing total deafness in it, wearing a hearing aid in that ear is not going to be effective. Some people experience chronic and recurring ear infections, which can in many cases be aggravated by hearing aids, so in this case wearing a single aid may be an advantage. Also, if the nature of your hearing loss in one ear is that sounds are so distorted that you cannot understand speech at all through that ear, wearing a hearing aid in that ear will in many cases merely amplify the garbled speech, and make it more difficult for your brain to understand speech heard through your better ear.

The case for wearing two hearing aids, except in these cases, is much stronger, and has been validated by surveys that show that most hearing aid users prefer wearing two aids to wearing only one. Two hearing aids greatly enhance your ability to perceive the source of the sounds you hear, and provides a more realistically balanced sound. Understanding speech has been proven to be much easier when wearing two hearing aids than when wearing one, especially when the listening environment is noisy.

If you have hearing loss in both ears, wearing two hearing aids will enable you to keep stimulating both ears, whereas wearing only one can allow the other ear to deteriorate further from lack of use. For tinnitus sufferers, two hearing aids are almost always the wisest choice because the hearing aid is used to mask the ringing or buzzing sounds associated with tinnitus. Without the second hearing aid, these sounds continue in the other ear. Last but not least, clinical studies and customer surveys have shown that users find wearing two hearing aids much less tiring than wearing only one.

All told, the case for wearing two hearing aids is more persuasive than the case for wearing only one. But if you still have your doubts, test it for yourself by making an appointment to see us. You will be able to hear the difference for yourself between one hearing aid and two. Then decide for yourself which provides you with the better hearing experience. We think you’ll decide that two is better than one.