There is a new, disturbing, and harmful trend that is appearing in the world of hearing health: Big Box Stores. Stores like Walmart and Costco are slowly taking over the market of hearing aid fittings and hearing diagnostics. However, audiologists are now fighting back with information about the drawbacks and misperceptions about the benefits that these stores espouse. Here we will take a look at the reasons why you should never go to anyone but a professional audiologist when it comes to getting a hearing aid.

Lower Costs

One of the first reasons that many people decide to go to a box store for their health is that they think the overall cost to them is going to be lower. However, this is a fallacy for many different reasons. First, while the sign out front may have a certain low price on it, once you check out the cost is a different story. These stores tend to backload the deal so that you pay for the device, the fitting and any adjustments that are done to the hearing aid.

Yet, when you go to an audiologist, you have the ability to invoke your insurance to lower your costs while being assured that you are not sacrificing your hearing health for lower costs.

High Quality Products

Another reason that you should stay away from big box stores when it comes to your hearing health is that they do not have access to the best hearing aids. While they can get professional grade hearing devices, the salespeople at the hearing kiosk are not trained to help you with adjusting the device to meet your needs.

However, any time that you go to an audiologist for help with you hearing, you will have the ability to have the device matched to your specific needs. This can be done by starting with the cutting edge technological developments being implemented in your care, and then changed for frequency or potential comfort issues. This leaves you with a comfortable, versatile fit.

Better Care

The final reason that you should only go to an audiologist for your hearing health needs is that they have the ability to provide medical care to you. They have studied and become experts in their field of medicine, allowing them to determine the causes of your hearing loss. This means they can determine if you have a treatable condition or need a hearing aid device.

Most importantly, an audiologist has taken an oath to give you the best care from the perspective of medicine, while the individuals at the box stores are nothing more than salespeople chasing a few bucks.